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Can we eliminate your timeshare burden?
If we accept your case, the answer is YES!

IS TIMESHARE OWNERSHIP WORKING FOR YOU? Life doesn't always stick to a plan. Before making any decisions involving changes concerning your timeshare, we encourage you to talk to the experts at Vacation Resorts Travel Alliance.

For many timeshare owners, resort vacations have been a rewarding experience. However, many current owners are experiencing their own personal concerns that need to be addressed.

The truth is that timeshares are expensive. As a professional consulting company we will fully explain how you can legally exit your timeshare.

Nevada's most trusted consulting firm, Vacation Resorts Travel Alliance is dedicated to helping current timeshare owners find real solutions. We proudly stand by our 100% money back guarantee.

We offer professional services with no upfront fees until we analyze your contract and know we can get you out of your timeshare ownership, paid off or not paid off.